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Elastomeric Stucco Coatings

What's involved:

1. Thorough inspection of stucco for repairs.
2. Take measurements to calculate the proper amount of materials for the coating.
3. Pressure wash and prep all surfaces that will be coated.
4. Properly repair all stucco and surfaces prior to coating.
5. Coatings are applied rolled on for maximum material coverage.


An elastomeric stucco coating is a great way to restore and preserve your existing stucco coating.
It also helps in waterproofing and protecting the existing stucco from natural elements.
It’s a less costly alternative to completely re-stucco your house or property.
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Raul Robles has painted my home and applied a coating to the roof of my home in Las Cruces. He is very talented, has excellent work ethics and is very dependable. I have been extremely pleased with the jobs he’s done for me and have shared his name with my neighbors. They too have been very pleased with the work Raul has completed.
I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a painter should contact Raul Robles. He is very professional and easy to work with.
– JoAnn Dunker

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